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Pudong International Airport and Maglev Train


30 km away from downtown and 40 km from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport 虹桥国际机场, Pudong International Airport is located on the southern bank of the Yangtze River 长江 at its outlet to the sea, easily accessible to the public. What's more, a few highways link the Inner-ring Road there, and Subway No.2 is scheduled to extend to Pudong International Airport soon.

The whole airport occupies an area of 32 The 1st phase of the airport project, whose investment reached 12 billion yuan, was completed in 1999. Now it can handle 20 million person/times of passengers and 750,000 tons of fright volume annually, and all kinds of large size and long distance passenger planes will be able to land and take off there. When the 2nd phase finishes in 2005, there will be a 4,000 meter runway, a 800,000 sq.m. passenger lobby and 4 high class south northward runways. And the annual capacity will be 70 million person/times and a freight volume of 5 million tons.


From Pudong International Airport to the subway station "LongYang Road 龙阳路站" near Lujiazui Financial District 陆家嘴 you can get by Maglev Train. Maglev train system is an invention in the 20th century. It is a new type of track bound transport system of high speed, comfort, energy saving and environment protection. Shanghai Maglev Demonstration Operation Line begins at Longyang Road Station in the west and ends at Pudong International Airport Station in the east. Total length of the main track is 30 km in double track turn around operation. This distance the train passes for 7 minutes 20 seconds with speed 430 km/h.

High-speed Maglev Train

TopDeparture time (local time):
From Longyang Road Station : first - 7 am , last - 9 pm
From Airport : first - 7:02 am , last - 9:02 pm
Departs every 15 minutes.
Single trip - 50RMB for economy (40RMB by today's airplane ticket), 100RMB for VIP (80RMB by today's airplane ticket); (1$=6,9 RMB)
Round trip - 80RMB for economy, 160RMB for VIP.
How to get in this place:
subway station "LongYang Road" (2-nd line)
Hot line:

(All points are given in WGS 84):
  1. Pudong International Airport Building - 31°09,120'N, 121°47,956'E
  2. Control tower of the airport - 31°08,623'N, 121°48,126'E
  3. Hongqiao International Airport - 31°11,807'N, 121°20,511'E
  4. Pudong Airport Maglev Station - 31°09,151'N, 121°48,093'E
  5. LongYang Road Maglev Station (This is near subway station "LongYang Road" - 2-nd line) - 31°12,284'N, 121°33,196'E
  6. Subway station "LongYang Road 龙阳路站" (2-nd line). Transfer to Maglev Train - 31°12,336'N, 121°33,221'E

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