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Dongtai Road Antiques Street 东台路古玩街


Located to the south of Huaihai Road 淮海路, Dongtai Road Antiques Street is a newly formed market selling antiques and old handicrafts including jade ware, wood ware, copperware, porcelain, writing brushes, ink-sticks, ink-stones, embroideries and other artifacts. There are about 40 specific stalls and stores there, which have attracted hundreds upon hundreds of antique & handicraft lovers both at home and abroad. It is now getting more and more famous abroad.

Open time (local):
10:00 - 17:00
How to get in this place:
subway station "Huangpi Road(S) 黄陂南路站" (line 1), then go along Huaihai Road 淮海路 on the East and turn on the right in Puan Road 普安路. Go at the end of Puan Road and turn on the left in Chongde Road 崇徳路. Then go and look at the right until you will not see Dongtai Road. (You have remembered it? If no, take a taxi)
Also you can get "Dashijie 大世界站" station of 8-th metro line. Then go to the South along XiZang Rd (S) 西藏南路.
bus: 17,18,23,24,304,781,782, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Middle of Dongtai Road Antiques Street - 31°13,410'N, 121°28,543'E
  2. Crossroad of Huaihai Road 淮海路 and Puan Road 普安路. This is turn to Dongtai Road Antiques Street - 31°13,588'N, 121°28,361'E
  3. "Huangpi Road(S) 黄陂南路站" subway station (1-st line) - 31°13,520'N, 121°28,150'E
  4. "Dashijie 大世界站" subway station (8-th line) - 31°13,674'N, 121°28,501'E
  5. Dajing Pavilion 大镜亭 - 31°13,622'N, 121°28,738'E
  6. Fangzangjiang Buddhist Temple 法藏将佛寺 - 31°13,196'N, 121°28,600'E
  7. Public toilet - 31°13,534'N, 121°28,417'E

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