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Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone 陆家嘴


With the development of Pudong Area 浦东新区, dozens of skyscrapers have stood up one after another in Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone (陆家嘴金融贸易区), which is located in the central part of the Pudong New District and separated from the Bund 外滩 by the Huangpu River. The Bund and Lujiazui Financial and Trade Zone on each bank of the Huangpu River 黄浦江 are making the mother river more and more beautiful.

Located opposite to the Bund, Lujiazui Financial & Trade Development Area is regarded as "Shanghai's future Heart".

Now Lujiazui has become a CBD of Shanghai. Its planning successfully combines modern function, environment, landscape, ecology, space art, shopping and communications in an overall layout.

Lujiazui view from the Bund

First of all, one skyscraper after another has sprung up like mushrooms in this area, presenting a magnificent view before the world. Now more than 50 Chinese and foreign financial organizations have settled down in this zone, among which there are 28 foreign funded banks, including a few world-famous banks, e.g. Citybank, Fujiyama Bank and Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corp. Besides, a number of internationally noted insurance firms and other foreign companies have moved there. Lujiazui CBD Area has already become one of the biggest financial centers in the world. The Lujiazui CBD Area is still progressing every day. In the near future, according to the overall planning, it will become another center of the metropolis with modern functions concerning environment, communications, scenic sights, ecology, etc. Besides being a financial and trade center, Lujiazui is bound to become Shanghai's another destination for shopping and entertainment.

Today visiting Lujiazui is a must for all Chinese and foreign tourists.


Completed on October 1, 1994 and standing on the east bank of the Huangpu River, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is 468 meters high, ranking first in Asia and third in the world in height only next to the towers in Toronto of Canada and in Moscow of Russia. It is generally recognized as one of the most famous landmarks of today's Shanghai.

The Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The tower consists of 11 spheres of different sizes at different levels, symbolizing a conception of "big and small pearls dropping onto a jade plate", a verse written by an outstanding ancient poet called Du Fu (杜甫).

At the height of 90 meters, stands the outdoor sightseeing corridor which is located inside the lower sphere, with recreation as its main function. At the height of 263 meters, there is a sightseeing deck which is located inside the upper sphere. Visitors standing there can enjoy a very good bird's eye view of Shanghai. At the height of 267 meters is a revolving restaurant, which is the highest of its kind in the whole Asia, mainly serving buffet at 150 yuan (lunch) and 180 yuan (supper) respectively for each person. Those who have meals there can visit the three spheres for free. At the height of 271 meters stands a KTV zone, where there are 20 Karaoke rooms in all. At the height of 360 meters are a deluxe-class sightseeing-floor and a luxurious conference room. Besides, between the upper and the lower spheres is a hotel which has 250 suites and rooms.

Around the TV Tower stand a lot of skyscrapers. Taken together, they have made up a magnificent scene which has greatly amazed the whole world. When night falls, the Oriental Pearl TV Tower is as beautiful as the buildings on the west bank. It has become one of the favorite spots in Shanghai that tourists both at home and abroad like to visit.

Two Towers

Open time (local):
8:00 - 21:30
70RMB - 135RMB (1$=6,9 RMB) depending on height and day of week
How to get in this place:
subway station "Lujiazui" (2-nd line)
bus 81,82,85,583,870,985,973, etc
ferries Lujin Line, Taigon Line, etc. From The Bund (near Signal Tower) the ferries depart every 15 minutes to the Lujiazui bank. The fare is 8 RMB
the Bund Sightseeing Underground Tunnel 外滩人行观光隧道


Jinmao Tower stands in the world famous Lujiazui CBD Area and at the entrance of Yan'an East Road Tunnel (延安东路隧道). The 88 storied skyscraper is 420 meters high above the ground, Shanghai takes pride in Jinmao Tower not only for its amazing height, but also for its beautiful structure. Now it is a symbolic architecture of Shanghai in the 21st century.

Jinmao Tower has two elevators with a speed of 9.1 meters each second, able to carry visitors in 45 seconds from the first basement to the top sightseeing deck. Located on the 88th floor and with a total area of 1,512 sq.m., the Sightseeing Hall, the biggest sightseeing hall throughout China, has been rated as an 4A scenic spot by the National Tourism Administration. Tourists standing in the hall can enjoy both the beautiful scene on either bank of the Huangpu River 黄浦江 and the grand view of the mouth of the Yangtze River 长江.

On the 56th floor is a bar called Sky Pavilion, from where tourists can enjoy the famous "Tunnel of Space-Time", which is a vertical hollow shaft with a total length of 152 m. The Tunnel is really a wonderful view. On the 57th floor is an air gymnasium containing a swimming pool. Swimming in the air is also a rare enjoyment.

Tunnel of Space-Time

When talking about Jinmao Tower, we cannot but mention Cloud 9, which has already been listed in the Guinness World Record in its millennium edition as the world's highest bar. Cloud 9 is set up on the 87th floor of Grand Hyatt Shanghai in Jinmao Tower, about 330 meters above the ground. Enriched by a ring of huge pictured windows, the round-shaped bar offers a fantastic panorama of a neon-lit Bund at night. Endowed with the unique space and position. Cloud 9 boasts many architectural features, such as the unique columns, leaning steel beams and glossy chromed mirrors. In Cloud 9, light music is regularly played, but sometimes jazz is played. What's more, the bar offers a wide selection of bubbly cocktails and provides shrimp spring rolls. People often view it as an ideal place for dating and private conversation.

Open time (local):
8:30 - 22:00
50RMB (25RMB for children) (1$=6,9 RMB)
How to get in this place:
subway station "Lujiazui" (2-nd line)
bus 81,82,870, etc
ferries Lujin Line, Taigon Line, etc. From The Bund (near Signal Tower) the ferries depart every 15 minutes to the Lujiazui bank. The fare is 8 RMB
the Bund Sightseeing Underground Tunnel 外滩人行观光隧道


Like a long green belt, this boulevard runs along the Huangpu River 黄浦江, with a total length of 2,500 meters. It is composed of a flood embankment, a riverside thoroughfare ,a waterside terrace, a music fountain and a yacht wharf. Anyone standing on the west bank of the river can clearly see the beautiful boulevard.

View from Jinmao Tower

Along the waterfront, benches are placed here and there. Sitting on them, visitors generally like to watch boats in late afternoons, especially on sunny days. The sunset is incredibly beautiful.

When the tide of the river ebbs, visitors can recline on the railings to enjoy the attractive scenes on both banks; when the tide rises, they can amuse themselves by stepping down to tread water.

Along the boulevard are many tables, with drinks and snacks served, making this boulevard more suitable for young lovers and those who choose to spend some time enjoying the delightful scene. And after the sunset, the boulevard becomes a romantic rendezvous for couples.

Young boys and girls used to seek dark places to kiss or embrace, but now they can easily find a secluded spot to coo. This boulevard's street light is just in contrast with that opposite the Huangpu River. The street light of the boulevard is as soft as candle light, making it full of poetic and artistic imagination.

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Subway station "Lujiazui" (2-nd line) - 31°14,435'N, 121°29,822'E
  2. Subway station "Dongchang Road东昌路站" 2-nd line - 3114,154'N, 12130,601'E
  3. Ferry pier on The Bund (ferry to Lujiazui and River Cruises) - 31°14,073'N, 121°29,311'E
  4. Ferry pier from Lujiazui to The Bund 外滩 - 31°13,953'N, 121°29,881'E
  5. The Oriental Pearl TV Tower 东方明珠电视塔 - 31°14,515'N, 121°29,694'E
  6. Jinmao Tower 金茂大厦 - 31°14,237'N, 121°30,069'E
  7. New tower Shanghai World Financial Center (under construction) - 31°14,196'N, 121°30,166'E
  8. Super Brand Mall (正大广场 Lotus) - 3114,370'N, 12129,724'E
  9. Entrance in Bund Sightseeing Underground Tunnel 外滩观光隧道 - 31°14,435'N, 121°29,595'E
  10. Shanghai Ocean Aquarium - 31°14,560'N, 121°29,819'E
  11. Lujiazui Green 陆家嘴绿地 - 31°14,456'N, 121°30,142'E
  12. China Tower 中银大厦 - 31°14,436'N, 121°29,913'E
  13. BOCOM Financial Building 交银全融大厦 - 31°14,477'N, 121°29,956'E
  14. HSBC Tower 汇丰银行大厦 - 31°14,542'N, 121°30,164'E
  15. World Financial Building 世界全融大厦 - 31°14,432'N, 121°30,235'E
  16. Merchants Tower (Shanghai) 上海招商大厦 - 31°14,386'N, 121°30,267'E
  17. China Insurance Building 中国保险大厦 - 31°14,317'N, 121°30,289'E
  18. Shanghai Stock Exchange Building 上海证券大厦 - 31°14,298'N, 121°30,390'E
  19. Century Financial Building 世纪全融大厦 - 31°14,471'N, 121°30,447'E
  20. World Plaza 世界广场 - 31°14,064'N, 121°30,619'E

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