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Nanjing Road Area 南京路


The entire Nanjing Road, stretching from the Bund 外滩 to Yan'an Road (W) 延安西路, including the east and west sections, is 5,400 meters long. The section between Xizang Road (M) 西藏中路 and Henan Road (M) 河南中路 is for pedestrians only.

Enjoying a very long history, Nanjing Road was first built in 1851. In fact, at that time it was merely a country path running in the fields east-westwards from the Bund to Henan Road. From then on a few companies and firms were established there, among which were a number of very famous ones, such as Watson, Sincere and Sun Sun. With the development of the city and the import of large quantities of foreign merchandise, hundreds of large-scale and special stores opened one after another, thus promoting the development of Nanjing Road rapidly. Before long it won the name of "China's No.1 Shopping Street".

Nanjing Road view

Before 1949, on Nanjing Road (E) there were four big department stores that were known all over China, i.e. Daxing Company, Yong'an (Wing On) Company, The Xianshi Company (Sincere) and Xinxin Company (Sun Sun), which were located at Nos. 830,635,690 and 720, Nanjing Road (E.) and started business in 1936,1916,1917 and 1920s respectively. Daxin Company is 42.3 m. high, with an area of over 3,600 sq.m. and a construction area of over 28,000 sq.m. Yong'an Company is 92 m. high, with an area of 1,400 sq.m. and a construction area of 14,438 sq.m. Xinxin Company occupies an area of 4,280 sq.m. with a construction area of 21,175 sq.m. Though The Xianshi Company is not so high as the other three, its turret has always been one of the landmarks of Nanjing Road (E.).

Since 1949, Nanjing Road has been remoulded and rearranged several times. In the eyes of the people of Shanghai, Nanjing Road has been getting more and more beautiful. It is generally agreed that Nanjing Road is the main artery of Shanghai's busy downtown and the most bustling commercial street throughout China.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street is world-famous for its incredible prosperity. Shanghai's, even the whole nation's, leading commercial shops, companies, centers and buildings are lined there. People can find hundreds of modernized shops, famous old-brand stores and specialty shops there. The daily visitor flow reaches a million person times. Every day from morning till night, numerous locals and people from other parts of China or from abroad go there to take a stroll or do shopping. Tens of thousands of people, yellow skinned, white skinned, black skinned, rud skinned, black haired, brown haired, ellowish haired and silvery haired, all dressed up decently and colorfully, make up a never fading picturesque scene. In the evening, Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street becomes a brilliantly lit garden. Colorful neon lights are like thousands of blooming flowers.

Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street

In the middle of the pedestrian street there is a very famous square called Century Plaza, on which different kinds of commercial and mass entertainment activities are frequently carried out. The ceremony of every year's Shanghai Tourism Festival is held there and during Shanghai Carnival, which is one of the major events of the Festival, a lot of wonderful performances are gvien on the square.

Along the street run sightseeing buses which not only serve as vehicles but also form a beautiful moving scenery themselves.

How to get in this place:
subway stations "People's Square 人民广圽站" (1, 2 or 8-th line) and "Henan Road (M) 河南中路站" (2-nd line)
bus 20,37,49,921, etc


This street lies between Nanjing Road Pedestrian Street 南京路 in the north and Huaihai Road (M) 淮海中路 in the south. On both sides stand dozens of restaurants of different styles and different sizes. Most of them are splendidly decorated and furnished. In the evening, when all the colorful neon lights are on, the street becomes a charmingly dazzling world.

Yunnan Road

How to get in this place:
subway stations "People's Square 人民广圽站" (1, 2 or 8-th line)
bus 37,921, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Branch of Shanghai Book City. I advise you to visit this book shop and buy the guidebooks and maps on English - 31°14,340'N, 121°28,736'E
  2. Century Plaza 世纪广场 - 31°14,243'N, 121°28,493'E
  3. Crossroad of Huanghe Road 黄河路 and NanJing Road 南京路. If you will go on Huanghe Road, you can see so-called Old Shanghai (do not mix up with Old City) - 31°14,117'N, 121°27,998'E
  4. Natural Histoty Museum 自然博物馆 - 31°14,009'N, 121°28,931'E
  5. The Bund 外滩 - 31°14,471'N, 121°29,157'E
  6. Subway station "People's Square 人民广圽站" (1, 2 or 8-th line). This is beginning of pedestrians part of Nanjing Road - 31°14,173'N, 121°28,136'E
  7. Subway station "Henan Road (M) 河南中路站" (2-nd line) - 31°14,378'N, 121°28,782'E

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