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Xintiandi 新天地 (New World)


Xintiandi, situated in the center of Shanghai, near both Huaihai Road (M) 淮海中路 and People's Square 人民广场, is famous for its successful combination of Shi Ku Men 石库门 (a style of Shanghai's traditional buildings) and modern western style architecture. No wonder people always say that Xintiandi is a typical manifestation of "Hai Pai" (Shanghai Style) civilization as well as a good reflection of Shanghai's historic culture in architecture.

The first phase of the construction scheme covers an area of 30,000 sq.m. The scheme includes the preservation and transformation of some blocks of the old lanes (in Shanghai they are called "Long Tang") and the typical Shi Ku Men situated to the south of Huaihai Road (M.).

The structures of Shi Ku Men in Xintiandi retain its original style, even the materials used are of the original kind, e.g. the ancient style brick walls, clay tiles, the doors, etc. Once walking into Xintiandi, one cannot but have a feeling of going back to the past, as if he were in 1920-s again! In the mid 1990-s, Hongkong's Shui On Group announced a 50 million USD scheme to construct a hub of culture, art, entertainment, shopping, dining and leisure by renovating the original Shi Ku Men to the south of Huaihai Road (M.), with a view to building up a London's Piccadily Circus or Paris' Arc de Triomphe in Shanghai.

Xintiandi (New World)

However, the interior of each building is completely modern and all kinds of relaxing facilities can be found, such as cafes, restaurants, galleries, boutiques and bars. It is often thought of by both local people and visitors as one of the most attractive places for nightlife. If a visitor likes to know how people in Shanghai spend their nights, he'd better go round Xingtiandi after sunset.

How to get in this place:
subway station "Huangpi Road (S) 黄陂南路站" (line 1), then go along the street Madang Road 马当路 or Huangpi Road on the south (5-10 minutes)
bus 8,42,146,781,911,926, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Xintiandi (New World) - 31°13,387'N, 121°28,202'E
  2. Subway station "Huangpi Road (S) 黄陂南路站" (1-st line) - 31°13,520'N, 121°28,150'E
  3. Tourist Information - 31°13,318'N, 121°28,191'E
  4. Former residence of Sun Yatsen 孙中山故居 - 31°13,071'N, 121°27,777'E
  5. Taipingqiao Park - 31°13,290'N, 121°28,311'E
  6. Fuxing Park 复兴公园 - 31°13,158'N, 121°27,840'E

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