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Qibao Ancient Town 七宝


Qibao Ancient Town is one of the oldest and most famous towns in Shanghai. With two rivers flowing through, Qibao Town enjoys great geographical advantages. That's why this town has been so flourishing. Ancientry is one of the main features of the town. There are old trees, old wells, old bridges, old houses. With the development of Shanghai, Qibao Ancient Town is getting more and more modernized; however, today people can still find plenty of ancient architecture, ancient customs, traditional food, cultureand art there. If you go there, you must have a taste of mutton and some special flavor cakes. Recently a few tourist attractions, such as Cricket Hall, Micro carving Hall, Cotton Weaving Hall, etc., among which The Memorial Hall of Zhang Chongren is the most attractive. Zhang was a world famous sculptor, especially known to the French speaking world. His greatest works include the statues of Deng Xiaoping 邓小平, Feng Yuxiang 冯玉祥, Ma Xiangbo 马相伯, Shen Yanbing, Qi Baishi, Yu Youren, and so on.

How to get in this place:
subway station "Qibao" (line 9)
subway station "Xinzhuang 莘庄站" (line 1,5), then take taxi up to Qibao Ancient Town (about 20RMB) or bus 91 (2RMB) (1$=6,9 RMB)
bus 87,91,92,735,739,753,911, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Qibao Ancient Town entrance - 31°09,365'N, 121°20,926'E
  2. Qibao Temple - 31°09,410'N, 121°21,158'E
  3. Qibao Pagoda - 31°09,384'N, 121°21,200'E
  4. Subway station "Qibao" (line 9) - 31°09,462'N, 121°20,695'E
  5. Subway station "Xinzhuang 莘庄站" (line 1,5) - 31°06,785'N, 121°22,846'E

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