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Urban transport


The underground - fastest, convenient, and very cheap type of transport in Shanghai. Usually in any place, which is specified in the tourist guidebooks, it is possible to reach by the metro. In a rush hour, when the speed of movement on ground types of transport strongly falls, subway is the best.

Cost of the tickets is from 3 up to 9 RMB, depending on distance. You can see the price for travel on metro plans above ticket windows or ticket machines. In fact, ordinary tickets don't exist now - there are plastic magnetic cards instead of paper tickets. These cards can be got in ticket windows or ticket machines. Remember, these cards are valid only at date of purchase and it is not necessary to buy them for future use. I advise you to master ticket machines, as the line to them is always less than to ticket windows.


What to do if you were mistaken with the price for the ticket? For example, you have taken a card for 3RMB but have passed distance for 4RMB and the turnstile does not let you out. Simply find glass cabin near turnstiles with employee inside. Give back him your magnetic card and missing money. Don't explain anything - he will understand you. He will "rechip" your card and you will be able to pass through a turnstile.

Ticket vending machine

As a rule, each station of the subway has a lot of exits (at central stations up to ten and more). If you don't want to confuse, if you need to come out where it is necessary, first study the plan of station and its vicinity before leaving. This schemes are opposite turnstiles. It is better to spend five minutes to study the plan, than after to lose half an hour rushing around the station in search of the necessary place. You should follow the names of streets and sights which are on the plan.

Station scheme near turnstiles

Working hours
Line 1: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Xinzhuang - Gonfu Xincun 5:30 am (first) - 10:20 pm (last)
Gonfu Xincun - Xinzhuang 6:00 am (first) - 10:30 pm (last)
Line 2: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Songhong Road - Zhangjiang High Tech Area 5:42 am (first) - 10:53 pm (last)
Zhangjiang High Tech Area - Songhong Road 6:28 am (first) - 10:30 pm (last)
Line 3 (Pearl Line): ------------------------------------------------------------
Jiangyang Road N. - Shanghai South Railway Station
northbound 6:26 am (first) - 10:32 pm (last)
southbound 5:29 am (first) - 9:39 pm (last)
Shanghai South Railway Station - Jiangyang Road N.
northbound 5:54 am (first) - 9:23 pm (last)
southbound 6:44 am (first) - 10:48 pm (last)
Line 4: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Songjiang Xincheng - Guilin Road
first 5:37
last (full) 21:13, last (to Yishan Road) 22:17
Yishan Road - Hongqioa Road
last 5:30
last (full) 22:22, last (to Yishan Road) 22:22
Line 5: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Minghang Development Zone - Xinzhuang 6:00 am (first) - 9:49 pm (last)
Xinzhuang - Minghang Development Zone 6:00 am (first) - 10:08 pm (last)
Line 6: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Gangcheng Road - Jiyang Road 6:00(first) - 20:30(last)
Jiyang Road - Gangcheng Road 7:00(first) - 20:57(last)
Line 8: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Shiguang Road - Yaohua Road 5:00(first) - 21:00(last)
Yaohua Road - Shiguang Road 5:55(first) - 21:55(last)
Line 9: -------------------------------------------------------------------------
Guilin Road - Songjiang Xincheng 6:00(first) - 21:00(last)
Songjiang Xincheng - Guilin Road 6:00(first) - 21:00(last)
The time-table of the first and the last trains at intermediate stations and train intervals you can see here : line 1, line 2, line 3, line 4, line 5, line 6, line 8, line 9.


It's convenient, but not a cheap way of moving on Shanghai.
The payment is :
- daytime (5 am - 11 pm) 10 RMB for the first 3 kilometers and 2 RMB for every kilometer after 3km and 3 RMB for every kilometer after 10 km.
- nighttime (11 pm - 5 am) 14 RMB for the first 3 kilometers and 2,7 RMB for every kilometer after 3km and 4 RMB for every kilometer after 10 km.
- you should pay for the first 3 kilometers regardless of distance was passed.
- waiting 5 minutes equals traveling a kilometer.
From my experience I know that subway is faster than the taxi, especially at the long distances. But at short range it's the best decision.

Shanghai taxi


There is no such place in Shanghai, where you can't get by bus or trolleybus. As a rule the ticket price does not exceed 2 RMB. There is one problem only - to grasp routes and to find necessary bus stop. You can buy Shanghai bus routes map in book shops. I saw the maps in Chinese only, but it's possible to understand it.


It is water transport which is convenient for travel on Huangpu river.


The most interesting ferry line is the line from The Bund to Lujiazui and back. From The Bund (near Signal Tower) the ferries depart every 15 minutes to the Lujiazui bank. The fare is 8 RMB.


Private carriers comprise the private taxi drivers (including motorcyclists) and trishaws. As a rule the private taxi drivers work on outskirts of Shanghai. They can be found around subway stations or large shopping centers. Take into account, that though taking a private taxi is cheap, but not very safely. Trishaws work in places which love to visit the tourists (Old City, Qibao Ancient Town and others). About the price agree with drivers.


It is possible to relate to them The Bund Sightseeing Underground Tunnel (it connects the Bund and Lujiazui CBD area) and also Maglev Train, which can deliver you up to Pudong International Airport with speed 430 kms/hours.
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