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Xujiahui area 徐家汇


Xujiahui is the most prosperous business area and the busiest intersection in the southwest of Shanghai, where 5 major roads converge and a number of large scale famous department stores are clustered.

In 1992, Shanghai government decided to list Xujiahui among the city's five major commercial centers. Since then, the development of Xujiahui has been going on rapidly and successfully. Now a number of high class shopping centers are gathering there, e.g. Orient Shopping Center 东方商厦, Pacific Department Store 太平洋百货, Shanghai No.6 Department Store 市百六店 and Grand Gateway Plaza 港汇广场 (namely Ganghui Plaza).

In the vicinity are lots of restaurants and hotels. On warm days, those restaurants would have their tables set up outdoors. The big colorful umbrellas and well dressed young people sitting and drinking at the tables make up a very attractive picture. Xujiahui is also a place for tourists and local people to hang out and taste Chinese, American, Japanese, Korean, Italian, or even Greek and Thai food. After dinner, if tourists like to see a film, there is a well equipped cinema called Paradise Film City on the 6th floor of Grand Gateway Plaza. Just 10 minutes' walk away form Xujiahui, there is another very good cinema Shanghai Film Art Center. When strolling Xujiahui, people should have a careful look at Hengshan Road 衡山圽, a very notable leisure street known to all China, even all the world. At the east end of Hengshan Road stands the famous Community Church, built as early as 1906, and to the west of Xujiahui stands Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral 徐家汇天主教堂, which looks very magnificent and imposing.

How to get in this place:
subway station "Xujiahui 徐家汇站" (1-st line)
bus 02,42,43,50,93, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Subway station "Xujiahui 徐家汇站" (1-st line) - 31°11,710'N, 121°26,050'E
  2. New Road Department Store - 31°11,953'N, 121°25,960'E
  3. Foot-bridge. It conducts directly in Huijin Department Store 汇金百货 - 31°11,789'N, 121°26,123'E
  4. Pacific Department Store 太平洋百货 - 31°11,800'N, 121°26,075'E
  5. Oriental Shopping Centre 东方商厦 - 31°11,723'N, 121°26,018'E
  6. Huijin Department Store 汇金百货 - 31°11,813'N, 121°26,107'E
  7. Buynow Plaza 百脑汇广场 - 31°11,668'N, 121°26,036'E
  8. Grand Gateway Department Store 港汇广场 - 31°11,777'N, 121°25,972'E
  9. Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral 徐家汇天主教堂 - 31°11,585'N, 121°25,869'E
  10. Guangqi Park 光启公园 - 31°11,494'N, 121°25,785'E
  11. Xujiahui Park 徐家汇公园 - 31°11,866'N, 121°26,188'E
  12. Pushkin monument - 31°12,666'N, 121°26,812'E
  13. Arts & Crafts Museum - 31°12,738'N, 121°26,975'E
  14. Shanghai Library - 31°12,574'N, 121°26,403'E
  15. Former residence of Soong Qingling - 31°12,356'N, 121°26,017'E
  16. Soong Qingling Mausoleum - 31°11,817'N, 121°24,346'E

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