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Yu Garden 豫园


As a typical garden of ancient architecture of the Ming & Qing Dynasties in southeast China, Yu Garden is well-known throughout China not only for its Suzhou style layout and architecture but also for its long history of more than 400 years. It was built by a wealthy official surnamed Yu. Those who are interested in Chinese history or architecture should spend a few hours there, taking a good look at it and appreciating the home and garden of an ancient privileged official's family.

Though the garden is not large, its design is unbelievably elaborate. Chambers, halls, pavilions, rockeries, flowing streams, towers, etc., can be seen here and there in the garden. In such a small garden, there are as many as over 40 scenic spots which are ingeniously partitioned.

Open time (local):
8:30 - 17:00
30RMB (1$=6,9 RMB)
218 Anren Rd
How to get in this place:
subway station "People's Square 人民广圽站", "Huangpi Rd (S) 黄陂南路站" (1-st line) or "Dashijie 大世界站" station (8-th line), then take taxi up to Yu Garden (about 10-15 RMB)
bus 11,26,42,64,66, etc

All points are given in WGS 84:
  1. Entrance in Yu Garden and ticket office - 31°13,744'N, 121°29,233'E
  2. Mid-lake Pavilion Teahouse & The Zigzag Bridge - 31°13,723'N, 121°29,225'E
  3. Tourist Information Centre - 31°13,662'N, 121°29,181'E
  4. Cixiu Nunnery 慈修庵 - 31°13,563'N, 121°28,919'E
  5. Confucius Temple 孔庙 - 31°13,183'N, 121°28,991'E
  6. Peach Garden Mosque 小桃园清真寺 - 31°13,368'N, 121°29,080'E
  7. Dongjiadu Cathedral 董家渡天主堂 - 31°13,011'N, 121°29,985'E

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